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The New Reality

What's At Stake For Brands


Redeploy Funds Toward Content

“The No. 1 area where I’m seeing companies redeploy funds is toward original content - leveraging partnerships and collaborations to reach the audience that they thought they would reach.” Marc Beckman

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Marc Beckman

On Age Diversity In Fashion


Why Young Models Still Rule The Runway

Brands that are being honest with themselves about who their target customer is could in rare cases benefit from including older models rather than alienating that customer base, says Marc Beckman, founding partner and chief executive of DMA United. “There’s got to be this natural progression of brands that are ageing now,” he says. However, Beckman adds, “The reality is that for years, fashion houses have created aspirational imagery. That might have incorporated models and celebrities that are more youthful. It was done for a reason.”

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Marc Beckman

Fashion's Most Coveted Star


Jennifer Lopez, Fashion's Most Coveted Star 

“She’s unique and a megastar right now,” said Marc Beckman, founding partner and CEO of New York-based agency DMA United, noting that Lopez will garner even more attention in the coming weeks as the star Super Bowl halftime act.

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Marc Beckman

On The Re-sale Market


Re-sale Market Drives Hype

What is new is that the resale market has sky-rocketed. The second-hand market for apparel is expected to double in the next five years to $51 billion. “It’s become part of the game,” said Marc Beckman, chief executive officer of DMA United.

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DMA United structured the collaboration between client Karl Lagerfeld and Puma. With the launch of the new collection, congratulations on the partnership's continued success!

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