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Creative Solutions To Engage A
Rapidly Evolving Audience.

DMA United creates branded content, commerce and business intelligence at the convergence of culture and technology.

We create and manifest growth strategies across core capabilities: Branding, Advertising,
Representation and Business Intelligence.


Brand & Strategy

Defining the Brand’s Soul and Growth Strategies.

  • Diagnostic: Research & Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Brand Soul: Positioning, Values...
  • Strategy: Business & Marketing
  • Identity: Digital Presence

Advertising & Technology

Creative Content and Communication Platforms for the Digital Age.

  • Web3
  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Spatial
  • Complete Builds on or off Existing Platforms
  • Creative Platform
  • Production

Business Development

Brand and Personality Representation as both Marketing and Revenue Generation.

  • Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Licensing
  • Extensions
  • Distribution

Fashion A.I.

Business Intelligence Tools
 for Real-Time Data, Analysis, Recommendations and Decision Making.

  • Data & Analytics
  • Applied A.I.
  • Performance Marketing
  • FashionChain: Web3 Analytics

How We Think

Emerging technology unlocks new tools of connectivity, and ushers in

The Age of Imagination

Disposable Goods to Digital Asset Management
Story-Telling to Story Making
Live Events to Global Digital Interactive Festivals
Endorsers to MetaHumans & Digital Influencers
DTC to Direct to Avatar
Shopping to Experiencing
Loyalty Rewards to Blockchain Benefits


We understand your customer, and what motivates them to buy. Where fashion, art, music, sports, entertainment, and technology unite; is where your audience is right now. We are intuitively attracted to the sparks that fly when cultural tent-poles intersect. We all know this intuitively, and we collectively behave this way. DMA United builds communication platforms based on it. When sports and fashion crossed paths, it changed how we dress forever. When British pop bands picked up on American Blues riffs, music changed forever. When Warhol made the commonplace art, it changed how we view fine art forever. When Nobu infused South American influences into Japanese cuisine, it changed food forever. We place your brand into these polycultural collisions move society forward.

Web3, Digital Assets and the Metaverse

A core competency, DMA United was early to identify and adopt these new technologies as a new tool in the marketers arsenal. Founding Partner Marc Beckman’s early book on NFTs, his subsequent partnering with the NYU Metaverse Collaborative, consulting with the New York Bar Association on the impact of digital assets on Intellectual Property and contracts in the new digital age, and the launch of numerous digital marketplaces and assets, gives us a singular view on these new digital toolkits. Already proven to be more than a passing fancy, we have identified real world applications for this new technology that empowers brands to connect with their audience today, and in the future. For example, legacy loyalty programs have lost their potency, while a Web3 based loyalty program creates far stronger ongoing connectivity between brands and their audience. We build on and off platform Metaverses, branded dynamic digital assets, and this is only the beginning.

Brand Soul

We create a Brand Soul document to guide ambitious brands to clearly resonate in the market and in the consumer mindset. We call it Brand Soul because of trial and error. Having been fortunate enough to work on branding and positioning projects for internationally known brands, we recognized that while research and looking backwards is an absolute necessity in the process (trends in the market, consumer sentiments, competitor behavior), it should not be the final determinate on how to position a brand moving forward. Said another way, if every brand you use and know by name today had built itself on historic data, every brand would be saying and behaving the exact same way, there would be no differentiation in the marketplace. We strive to identify historic data that will be pertinent, but we also put emphasis on what will resonate in a market that has not yet occurred, forecasting with objective data to what will come. We collectively ask: how will we differentiate and disrupt in a fast moving marketplace that may not look like today much longer. The Brand’s Soul refers to identifying unique brand values that are so distinct to a brand, that they are not easily replicable, or subject to the tides of the market; true longevity branding.

Question Everything

Traditional branding operates in a silo. Typically, with the business models already defined, the branding process builds a voice on top of that model. While that may be the correct course for many projects, it is not our rule to follow. Brand and business strategies should be conceived holistically, with each prompting the other to question the veracity of its positions and claims. With the ultimate goal to align message, product and business model to each other, our process is to question everything.

Creative Platforms Must Cut Through

We start with a simple premise, a single idea seen across multiple touch-points will resonate, clutter gets lost. We build creative platforms with the full understanding that one idea has to resonate before a consumer digests more from your brand. And that one idea has to live in multiple places, with similar, and complementary messaging, to get on your audience’s radar. In the seconds it takes to reads this paragraph, your audience has swiped through multiple posts, flipped the channel, and talked about what they hate and what they’re psyched about. (Famously younger generations record more screen hours in a day than there are hours in a day.) We build pointed mutli-platform creative concepts that live where your audience lives, everywhere.

Business Development Is Marketing

When the DMA United began doing brand collaborations in the early 2000s, it was thought of as a novelty. We pioneered the idea that collaborations, licensing, brand extensions, and distribution deals benefit the brand in both sales volume and brand awareness. But we now know differently. With years of data to support our work, we have proven that a brand’s activities, beyond its normal course of business, benefits the company in a number of ways. Whether increased awareness, higher sales, or strategically positioning the brand to meet targeted goals, these activities are no longer a novelty, but tried and true mechanisms for
growing businesses.

Fashion A.I, Real-Time Clean Data Is A Necessity

Far and above, the number one problem facing brands is access to useful data in real-time. In the digitally controlled world, the brand that has clean actionable data wins, and not many do. Hobbled by legacy systems, corrupt or muddied data, and time lag for assessment, most organizations are reacting to fast moving data in a slow time frame and are unable to maximize the brand’s potential.
Fashion A.I was built specifically to address the needs of the industry in transition with voice controlled commands, real-time data and assessment and actionable strategy for the short to long term.


Marc Beckman
Sam Sohaili